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Help us Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reduce animal suffering. Helping them shouldn’t just be our privilege but also our responsibility.


Rabies Free India – “One Health Approach”

  • The biggest threat of Rabies widens the gap in the co-existing relationships between humans and dogs. Rabies is one of the deadliest viruses, and dogs are the primary cause of the increasing rabies mortality. It is mandatory to vaccinate the dogs who are brought for neutering. 
  • We have also set up Isolation kennels for Rabies suspected canines to prevent the further spread of the fatal disease in society.
  • Furthermore, we have created the maximum possible awareness regarding preventing dog bites and rabies disease by counselling dog bite patients, boards, and flexes.

Education and Outreach - Empathy Education to Coexist

It is an integral component of our mission. We conduct informative sessions in schools, covering dog-bite prevention, first aid, rabies, and rabies identification. However, our primary objective is to create a positive image of street dogs and foster a healthy attitude towards them. We strive to alleviate students’ fear and ignorance by educating them about the importance of co-existing with other species.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce human-animal conflict by promoting empathy and awareness towards all living beings. We can create a more harmonious and compassionate society by instilling these values in our youth.

Dog Bite Victim Counseling - Post-Exposure Prophylactic

It is crucial to provide care to individuals who have been bitten by dogs and may be at risk of contracting rabies. The primary goal of counseling is to provide patients with the necessary information and emotional support to help them navigate the complexities of rabies prevention, treatment, and care.

To achieve this goal, counsellors must be well-equipped to provide patients with accurate and up-to-date information on post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), including the importance of completing the full vaccination course. Additionally, counsellors must educate patients on techniques for preventing dog bites and rabies in the future, such as understanding a dog’s body language.

To ensure that counsellors can provide the highest quality of care, they must remain informed about the latest developments in rabies prevention and dog-bite prevention. This requires ongoing education and training to upgrade their knowledge and interpersonal skills, as well as a commitment to understanding and meeting the changing needs of their patients.

In summary, patient counselling is critical to rabies prevention and care. By providing patients with the information and support they need, counsellors can help to ensure that individuals who dogs have been bitten receive the best possible care and can protect themselves from future incidents.

Mass Vaccination- One ml can save many lives

Studies have shown that implementing a mass canine vaccination program is the most effective measure for controlling the spread of rabies. In areas where rabies is prevalent, it is necessary to vaccinate at least 70% of the dogs to control the disease in both humans and dogs effectively. By vaccinating a significant portion of the dog population, we can prevent the spread of rabies and save countless lives. Vaccines can make all the difference in the world. We must prioritize mass vaccination efforts in areas where rabies is a significant threat. This not only protects our furry friends but also safeguards human health. Let us work together to ensure that every dog receives the protection they need to live a healthy and happy life.

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