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Help us Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reduce animal suffering. Helping them shouldn’t just be our privilege but also our responsibility.


Adopt a Desi Dog

At the heart of our mission is believing that every dog deserves a happy and healthy life. That’s why we’re proud to promote the #AdoptADesi Dog campaign, which encourages people to adopt Desi dogs. By adopting a rescue dog from a shelter, you’re not only giving that animal a second chance at life, but you’re also making room for another less fortunate animal in need of assistance.

We’re thrilled to report that many of the rescued and abandoned dogs and cats we’ve taken in have found loving homes both in India and abroad, including in Canada, the USA, and the UK. It’s a testament to the power of adoption and its incredible impact on the lives of animals and their human companions.

If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your family, we urge you to think about adopting a rescue dog instead of buying a puppy. Not only will you be doing a good deed, but you’ll also be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion who will bring joy to your life for years to come.

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