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Help us Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reduce animal suffering. Helping them shouldn’t just be our privilege but also our responsibility.


One Rupee Clinic

The organization not only provides Spay and Neuter projects but also offers veterinary assistance to animal caretakers. This ensures that financial issues do not prevent people from rescuing animals and no animal is left without care. Our goal is to make sure that every animal receives the necessary medical attention and care they deserve.

We’re looking for generous souls who can help us provide medicines for our one-rupee clinic. It’s no secret that healthcare can be expensive, and we want to ensure that everyone who comes to our clinic receives the care they deserve. If you have any veterinary medicines lying around at home or if you know any pharmaceutical companies who would be interested in donating their products, please let us know! Every little bit helps, and it not only aids in easing the financial burden of community animal caretakers but also brings hope and healing to those in need. With your support, we can continue our services for voiceless creatures. So come on over and help us make a difference today!

Sponsor medicine/vaccine supplies

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