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Help us Rescue, Rehabilitate and Reduce animal suffering. Helping them shouldn’t just be our privilege but also our responsibility.


End Speciesism

The need to treat all living beings, regardless of their species, with respect and dignity. The term recognizes that humans have long viewed themselves as superior to other animals and have used this perception to justify the exploitation and mistreatment of non-human animals. By challenging this belief system, end speciesism advocates for a more empathetic and compassionate approach towards all living beings. This means acknowledging that non-human animals are capable of experiencing emotions such as joy, pain, and fear, and ensuring they are not subjected to cruel practices such as factory farming or experimentation. End speciesism ultimately calls for a more inclusive world where every being is valued and respected for who they are rather than simply judged on their perceived usefulness to humans.

Read some of our favourite stories demonstrating how all animals share the same capacity for emotion and pain.

Swaggy, a young calf, was waiting to be slaughtered at a roadside meat shop in Sri-Muktsar Sahib, Punjab. We intervened and brought her to The Barnyard sanctuary in New Delhi, where she lives happily.

Matko was the sole survivor of a tragic accident involving thousands of chicks. We found him on the highway and raised him into a beautiful bird. Matko taught us that animals have the same capacity for behavior, feeling, and expression as humans.

Handsome and Hunk, two abandoned donkeys, were given a second chance at life in a sanctuary in New Delhi.

While we cannot stop the slaughter of animals, we work to educate meat vendors on providing food and water to birds and avoiding slaughtering animals in front of others. We also promote veganism and vegetarianism to raise awareness about the truth behind our food choices.

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